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  • Name:david (neo_trek)
  • Hometown:waterford, Michigan
  • Born:1981
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:April 10, 2007

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snowmanI?m going to leave out all the names in this one but it kind of funny. Something only 4 teenagers that are bored would do. Well to set the mood it was winter in Michigan. About 6 inches or more snow on the ground and the roads were covered in ice. A few of us wanted to get together and have a fest . . . Read More..

The BeastThe Beast. This is one of many times I almost lost my beast of a car. For those who never seen my car let me describe it for you. It was a 1984 Buick LeSabre. Literally a box on wheel. Fit 3 people in the front and 4 or 5 people in the back. Comfortably. And I?m sure like 5 bodies in the trunk. ? . . . Read More..

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