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Memory: Florida Memories With Matt Wild
July 01 2009
October 01 2009
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Tampa Florida
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So I convinced one of my best friends Matt to come with with me at my company down here in FL last summer.

He had left NYC and was at his parents and didnt have an official nine to five job, and we had an opening.

He eventually accepted the 3 month contract position and was expected to come to this BBQ that my boss was putting on by driving down here.

Of course Matt forgot that they took that Friday off at the DMV, so he flew into Tampa W/O a car.  So for the first month or so, I drove him everywhere.

He had basically a duffle bag for that first month and he lived with me and Susan in the spare bedroom.  Here are all the memories I can think of that we had together during his short stay in FL.

  • The best memory was when we went biking in the woods, it took two hours to get there because we are douche bags and we took what we thought was the "back route" to get to the trails.  Little did we know we would be knee deep in mudd, spiders and spider webs, snakes and other possibly poisonous FL things.  Riding bikes until a hairy spider was right by matts face and then we turned around
  • We got drunk one night and played racket ball that night and then I jumped in the pool with my shoes on
  • Our pool days at the hotels
  • DMW's
  • Playing racketball outside of various walls (even in the pool)
  • Dominos pizzas, coding and Day of Defeat
  • Setting the alarm clock for him, like a dad would do
  • His first day work, he ordered an order of hush puppies only
  • Everyday after work he would want subway and other pre-dinners
  • The BOONT ALE where he drank it at the FLY bar, but then paid top dollar for it later
  • Him wearing Jeans and Sandals to work and him getting spoken to about it
Overall it was great to work with Matt for him to see my life down here in FL.


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