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I'm pretty much the coolest memory crawler around. if you want to learn my ways just read my memories you douche-o-bag

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  • Name:matt (wrath)
  • Hometown:pinckney, Michigan
  • Born:1982
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:May 7, 2010

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Spider walkSo dave and i take walks a lot while at the office - atleast once a day, to help focus on our daily distractions. lately we've been walking to a building behind us and instead of going straight and cutting through the woods to the sidewalk we decided to walk down a nice grass path which runs paralle . . . Read More..

First day at CHIMESI remember sitting in my cube, wondering what the hell i was even doing there and i hear someone talking in the background, over where paul is sitting now.. and a kid with an afro comes walking over while im reading an oracle book and we start talking about how hes the other hire and how we are the . . . Read More..

Crazy flying through galaxy dreami have flying dreams all the time, and i dont mind one bit :)

well last night i had the ultimate one. the best dream ive ever had! and THE MC MAN HIMSELF was in it.

combine flying, space, stars, galaxies, crazy warp speeds, completely wack worlds (each galaxy) and you have my d . . . Read More..

Runnaway SnowboardingI just remembered this, and dont want to forget it.

back in highschool, i was hanging out with a good friend Adam Majtyka. We decided to go snowboarding at Apline ski resort on 59mile, in michigan. well we were poor back then and snuck in. we boarded for some time untill we started to fee . . . Read More..

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