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Memory Interview

"High School Days" (14 - 18)
What do you remember from High School Football games? Were you in the band or were you a cheerleader or a football player or a spectator? Was there glory or defeat on your home turf?

Do you remember your first day of high school?

Did you receive any significant awards or recognitions in high school?

Did your high school hold any kind of spirit week or pep rallies? If so did you hate them or love them?

Do you remember a time where you were at the Mall and you just had to buy something?

What do you remember from your HomeComing and Prom Dances in High School? Who did you go with? Did you screw anything up?

What kind of competitions did you attend in high school? Do you have any interesting memories that occurred at these?

Do you remember ever being in the hospital in High School?

Did you lose your virginity in High School? You can post this memory as private so no one but yourself will remember.

Did you fall in love in High School? I am sure you have stories from that relationship if so.

Did you excel in anything or fail in anything in High School?

Did you ever make the local newspaper for something you did in High School?

Do you remember any festivals you attended while in high school?

What was your first real job? How much did you get paid? Did you hate the job?

Did you ever get embarrassed by something you did in High School?

Did you ever drink under age while in high school? What do you remember from it? Do not be shy, it is all said and done now.

What kind of stories do you remember from high school that were obviously rumor and gossip?

When did you cry while in high school? Why did you cry and what made you upset?

What was your largest purchase you made in High School? Was it worth the money?

When did you first feel a great independence from your parents?

What ideals meant the most to you during high school and how did those change over time?

How would you have described yourself looking back on who you were in high school?

Whom would you thank the most from your adolescent years?

What was the most difficult time throughout high school?

Did you ever yearn for something completely different than the life you were leading in high school?

What kinds of events lead up to and after your graduation ceremonies?

What was your greatest lesson in high school?

What was your most rebellious moment in high school?

When and how did you first learn to drive? Tell of some scary memories with you behind the wheel as a newbie.

What was your families rules about dating and bad things like drugs?