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Engineer, gamer, lover, father, runner.

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  • Name:Noel (lellel)
  • Hometown:Clarkston, Michigan
  • Born:1979
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:November 5, 2012
  • Religion:  Christian

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"I tied her up, Geraldo"I remember my mom and I were watching Geraldo one day. There was this hillbilly who came on and I don't remember what the show was about. I just remember this quote, "I tied her up, Geraldo. She liked it".

My mom and I started laughing and that was an ongoing joke. I still quote that . . . Read More..

Watching the CruisersChloe had a lollipop that she got from Huckleberry Railroad when she went earlier that day with my mom, Barb, Linda and the Meischners – we walked around downtown last night.  There was an
oldies radio station broadcasting live from the Catholic Church across the
street and people w . . . Read More..

I got hit by a carBeth sang at the Crofoot last Friday. She opened for this guy named "Todd Alsup". He was pretty serious about his music career. He had a crew of people with t-shirts that said "Todd Squad" and his fans had stickers with his name on them.

Before the gig I was pretty stressed out. It . . . Read More..

the first time I changed my brakesThe first time I ever changed my brake pads was at the Baldiga's house in their driveway. It seems like it was a cold fall afternoon. Chet basically did the job and showed me how while Joe SR came by and commented every once and a while. That was really cool that Chet was able to help me do that . . . Read More..

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