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My name is Georgia and Im from Australia...
I like to think I'm a friendly person with a really bad memory (lol) so this site will be really good for me to write down my memories so I can reminisce when Im older...
I love my family and friends, and just like to have a good time...and laugh
So yeah! Add me as a friend if you want to...!


Personal Information

  • Name:georgia (georgia)
  • Hometown:Victoria, Australia
  • Born:Chicks never like people knowing their age.
  • Gender:Female
  • Last Login:November 5, 2008

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caution: drinkingLast night I went to a house party that it started around 9:30PM

I got there at about 10PM so it was pretty dark (the party was outside and there were no lights apart from some disco lights and a bon fire)

I arrived with some friends and someone handed me a drink and I wen . . . Read More..

tag dagI remember I went to this open house party in Year was totally huge, EVERYONE who is ANYONE was there (including this guy i had a huggge crush on - Liam)

I had been busy all day, I'd bought this new dress I was going to wear that night, and I just had enough time to get home, ge . . . Read More..

Answering Interview:Did you ever get in "Big Trouble"?I remember this one time, when I got into ALOT of trouble...
My younger brother used to do basketball training at this big high school after school, and me and Jaime, my best friend, used to have to go and sit around to wait for him to finish. I remember we used to get so bored, that one day, . . . Read More..

Answering Interview:Where did your parents come up with the name that they gave you?My mum always liked the name "Georgia", and dad was happy with it, so thats what it was.
I kinda like my name, but I always have to spell it for thats probably my only criticism...
My Grandpa tells me that it was either "Georgia" or "Dolly" I guess Im actually really h . . . Read More..

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