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Memory: Oh yea! Karaoke Monster Baby!
Spring of 2004
Oakland SBA
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Rochester Michigan
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Life Changing Occurrence
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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Karaoke. And it all started with this....

My senior year at Oakland, everyone in my full ride scholarship program
needed to compete with each other by developing some kind of new
technology or business idea. The competition was called the Innovative
Competition and I worked with one of the smartest people I knew in
college ( Andy Baker). It had a 1st prize of 1000 dollars and was
judged by faculty, alumni and people from corporations.

I had been thinking about this project for more than a year before I
came up with the final idea. I crossed out a proof of concept that
would send emails via voice phone calls as well as crossed out some
other ideas before coming up with this. An ONLINE KARAOKE DJ MACHINE!

It was totally insane. I remember sitting down with Andy and being
entirely passionate about how cool of an idea this was. I had already
found an open source java applet that will play MP3's on a website on
the fly and he decided it was a pretty sweet idea too.

So every spare moment I had in the winter of 2004, was spent developing the application.

It basically allowed you to upload a song, fetch some lyrics, save the
lyrics, then play the song and click a hot key that would step through
each word and as the musician would sing the word, you would click the

This would figure out the duration between clicks so that I could play a synched karaoke song together with the music.

This way, you could take any MP3 and turn it into a karaoke song!

I took soo much pride in my work at that time and thats when I truly
began to love programming applications. Its like an art form to me....

On the day of the competition, I brought in my video camera. I was soo
cocky because I knew we had the best idea. Moments before the event
was under way my buddy Andy gave me a pep talk because I had soo much
on the line... (My pride, my work, 1000 dollars and a great ending to
my college career) My mom even attended!

I video taped my buddy Tony O's presentation, which was very very good
and I was pretty intimidated by it. Problem with that was that my
video camera died out and for our presentation, there was no batteries
left!! I was so pissed at myself because our presentation was sooo
vibrant and amazing. We had this energy together and we knew we had
the best project. The presentation was full of life, color and
animation. We had a business plan for it too!

The most memorable part of the presentation was the end where we demoed
the software. We played Queens song ... .get this...."We are The
Champions". SOOO COCKY AND CONFIDENT!! We liked the song because it
started with lyrics right away and its a classic Karaoke song!

Once it got to:

I've had my share of sand kicked in my face -

But I've come through

We are the champions - my friends

WE STARTED SINGING LIKE MADMEN!!! That pretty much wrapped up our crazy presentation.

This presentation was by far the craziest and wackiest presenation of all time. I will upload it sometimes soon...

So the following day I found out that we had won! I have never won
anything like this in my life and the 500 bucks from my half went to a
credit card bill. It was very hard for me to give 1/2 and 1/2 to
Andy. At the time I just felt like it was all my idea and all my
work. But later I have realized that I wouldnt have won with out him.
He was the business front end to my project. He did all of the images
for the site, a bad ass flash intro, the whole color layout and a big
part of the presentation. He deserved every cent of it....

A few months later I proudly demoed it to my family.

What a fantastic project, that is nearly as cool as memorycrawler.... but not quite... :-P

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