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Memory: Growing up skating
accross the street from parents
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pinckney Michigan
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Childhood Memory
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Well i owe a lot to the residents of rivendell accross the street from my parents because without them being so cool i would have never gotten good at skating and i would have been bored out of my mind growing up!

ever since i could remember.. like the summer of 5th grade was when i started getting 'extreme' bmxing, skatingboard, and rollerbladin.. i had to be good at everything too.. anything i touched i needed to go all out.. well my parents didnt have a paved driveway so my friends and i would go accross the street and setup our ramps and rails in the middle of the street and in a large turn around. i think the people living there would actually enjoy watching us kill ourselves by grinding the long 20ft rails and launching into spins and what not. but the thing that got me the most is that we would store all the crappy looking ramps right on their property.. of course they were empty lots but it looked like crap and no one complained..

i heart them.. haha

UserName: wrath

pinckney, MI


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