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Memory: Fun In Town
Fall of 2004
All over London
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London United Kingdom
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EuroTrip 2004
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Fun in Town

2004-09-15 | London Today I woke up, showered, had a crappy breakfast and the met up with the people I talked with last night.

Ginger and our other friend ended up getting an all day travel pass and hitting up the Tate Modern museum. By the time we got out there I wanted to sit down and write in my journal and I ended up falling asleep to the great view of St. Pauls cathedral. Somehow while I was sleeping some girl was sketching me sleeping. I never got to see it but I am wondering if my hair looked good. :-D

We also saw the tower bridge. That was probably the most amazing bridge I have ever seen. I have taken a lot of good pictures so far of me and my new friends.

After that we grabbed some lunch and ended up going to Big ben Westminster Abbey and Parliament. But when we got out, there was this huge demonstration. Apparently today they wanted to pass a bill banning hunting. The city was furious with this bill and it was so cute how they came together. I mean, if Americans were even slightly this organized and passionate, we might get something done. I thought of how gatherings like this in Detroit would end up in shootings. But the police don't carry guns at all here and neither do the people. I parted with my friends and did my own thing.

First, I talked with a local about why everyone is so angry. It was cool. Then I passed all these people outside a pub drinking in the middle of the day. WITH THE GLASS BEERS TAKEN OUT INTO THE STREET. I loved that. Why cant we do that. They might think we will steal it.

After that I spent 5 pounds to get into Westminster Abbey. This was the most amazing piece of architecture I have ever seen. It housed tons of kings and queens. Sadly, I couldn't take pictures. So I even did a drawing (crappy drawing) of a view. I saw Longshanks grave which was totally bland and just a slab of stone whereas other kings were extravagant in detail. I laughed.... the people must not of liked him.

After that I went to the science museum and met back up with my friends for the best damn tofu dinner in my life. This Chinese food was all made of the stuff. It was even all you can eat. But yeah, anyways I think I hear some Celtic dancing calling me in the other room here in the hostel. Cheers.


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