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Memory: Honeymoon Day Twelve : Ushuaia
Exactly On:
February 19th 2008
City and Locale:
Ushuaia Argentina
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We departed from the ship with two new friends (Enrique and Marina from Brazil) we met at a Honeymooner/Anniversary party and left the ship about 10:15 AM.

Most of the people on excursions left the ship at 7:15 to catch a two hour bus to get to the beautiful countryside parks and whatnot.. but we saved a ton of dough by walking around in this safe portside town. Most excursions here were 120 and above in price.

We walked around and spoke with the people who worked at the End Of The World train excursion and found that we could do the same thing that the other people on the boat were doing but for only 35 dollars for two. We continued walking around town glancing in stores mostly and also took many great photos from around the hillside overlooking our ship docked and much more.

We reached our first destination which was an abandoned jail and now museum. At this point I finally threw out my paper cup with my morning tea which screamed American Tourist and we enjoyed a pretty decent museum with some interesting statues of famous inmates. I especially liked the space suit which was used to fight fires.

We then attempted to make it back to the train ride place at noon but were too late and kind of missed it. Further talking to the locals they explained that we really didnt miss anything special.

We now had about 4 hours to spend in town, so we continued back down the main street with all the toursity stores and shops and it just continued for at least another mile. We took some panoramic views of the mountain ranges and the marina below and above the hillside and eventually got to the end of the road.

We began seeking restaurants for a traditional Argentinean meal of Steak and meat and we were largely successful when we found Bodegon Fuengino and had one of the best meals I have had this whole cruise including Pepper Steak, Potatoes, Local Beer and Dulce De Leche Ice Cream for about 30 dollars for both of us to eat.

We left for the ship after the meal and then waited in the largest line to the ship I had seen thus far.. the problem with this was that there were nearly 90 mile an hour winds nearly blowing us over and we had to wait here for 40 minutes in line while people checked in.

This sucked. But didnt entirely ruin our day and we spent some healing time from the cold in the hot tub when we got onboard.

It was a fantastic day and this city reminded us so much of Europe and Switzerland as you can tell from the 50+ photos we took today.

These high winds also produced a negative effect on the ships schedule. Right now we are stuck here at the dock because it is unsafe to leave in these windy conditions. This could get us into Punta Arenas a little later than expected.

More honeymoon posts and photos to come!


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