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Memory: More Alps... but they aren't getting old anytime soon
Fall of 2004
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Interlaken Switzerland
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EuroTrip 2004
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More Alps... but they aren't gettingold anytime soon

2004-10-18 | Interlaken,SwitzerlandMatt and I decided to head out to Interlaken this morning. The scenic routewas pretty amazing and I took a ton of short video clips. It was so amazingto see the color of the water, it was a dark teal and was totally unlikeanything I have ever seen. The buildings are so small and unique inSwitzerland. Basically everything is a small town and you cant even countthe number of wooden houses in any given town. SEE YOUR POSTCARDS if you areone of those select individuals who gets regular postcards.

Once we arrived in Interlaken, we felt lost and pissed because wecouldn't find one single street on the map. Come to find out there are twotrain stations here in this small town and our bearings were all messed up.Our packs were definitely weighing more for we had to walk nearly a milewith them on. The one good thing is that we were walking around lost withthis immaculate view around us. This helped get our minds off our broken andsore backs.

We just picked out a hostel and went with it. It was called the Happy InnLodge. it was more of a bar than a hostel and the person who greeted us wasmore like a bartender than a receptionist. We were ready to get our packsoff and since the price was average (20 Euros) we were cool with it.

We showered and then wandered the city (seems to be what I do in everynew city) for a while. While walking through tourist shops it was easy tosee just how proud Swiss people are of their knives.

We noticed some with some of the most peculiar gadgets such as lighters,lights, altitude meters and even radios. After having lunch, we basicallytalked a lot about skydiving, but over time we ruled it out because it wouldtotally change our budget for the rest of our trip for the worse. If Matt'smom would of given him some money toward it, we might have opted to try it.I also thought about bungee jumping at about 125 francs, but eventuallyruled that out once we talked to a Swiss guy at our hostel and he suggestedmountain biking down the alps. We got lost of info on this and decided itwas cool to try. Now the reason we wanted to do all these crazy things wasbecause Interlaken is the place to be for adventure sports and when you arehere you have to try one.

For the rest of the night, we just had dinner, went to an internet cafeand also played some pool. After that I had a beer with him and another guyin our hostel. Its a hard life being in Switzerland and traveling around anentire continent.


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