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Memory: Highway Porn Shop
Summer of 2004
Somewhere Along the Highway
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There's a big Smash Brothers tournament usually every summer called Melee FC. It's held in South Bend Indiana in this huge church. 2 Summers ago, our little smash crew decided we'd like to go. So TheMemoryCrawler , Joe V., Adam, Joel, James, and I headed for South Bend in Joe's car. It was cramped as hell in there. About halfway through our 6 hour trip, we wanted to stop at a gas station to gas up and get some shit to eat. We got off the highway, and found the nearest gas station. However, there was a cop in the parking lot. Since we had one of us (I think it was Joel at the time) in the back part of the car with no seat belt on, we didn't want the cop to see that. We pulled into a parking lot across the street.

We all got out of the car, and it felt good to strech our legs after being cramped up in the car for so long. Something just felt weird, though. We looked up at the sign of the parking lot, and what did we see? "The Lion's Den: Adult Book and Video" We were parked at a random highway porn shop. Then, TheMemoryCrawler with his magical tech skill, hooked up his gamecube through his video camera's LCD screen. So there we were...6 guys playing smash at a porn shop really late at night. Fun times.

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