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Memory: Animal Instinct
Spring of 1991
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Fearful Event
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sweet mom100

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When I was about 13 my best friend Brockel had horses. In return for helping her family care for the horses, Brockel's dad taught me to ride. I loved riding and my favorite horse was a fierce gelding named Chestnut. He was mean but he could run so fast! One afternoon my girlfriends and I were all out riding when a tornado arose. We couldn't see the danger, but the horsed definately scensed it. I was leading the ride and and motioned Chestnut on but he wanted to turn around and the other horses were following suit.
Things get really creepy when a tornado is about to strike and everything around us got eerily quiet. With the horses being so stubborn and the dark clouds coming we decided to turn back. As soon as we did the horses all bolted! I pulled the reins as hard as my scrawny arms could but Chestnut and his incredible strength were no match for me. My friends and I were all at the mercy of these powerful beasts! All we could do was hang on for dear life. What a ride!!! It was scary yet so exillarating at the same time as Chestnut jumped creeks and dodged trees. Horses are like dogs when it comes to finding their way home. They went strait to the stables. By the time we got home, people were running for cover against the tornado. Chestnut and the other horses basically saved us.

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