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Short Description

What's up people? As most of you know, memorycrawler has been an idea sitting in the back of my mind for a few years now. I bought the domain a long time ago and never did much with it. But in April of 2006 I began doing some coding on it. Now it has become a very crazy and integrated application that I hope will become successful and recognized in some way in the near future. Please send me any questions comments or concerns and have a lot of fun on this totally unique site.

If any of you know me at all, you undoubtedly know that I am a very unique individual who likes to live each day with a "carpe diem" attitude. Anything that interests me I am 100% dedicated to and totally passionate about. Whether it be interests such as traveling (Europe, China, New York), computers, running or relationships

I feel so fullfilled and accomplished with how successful I have become with all my interests. I am just a really happy guy and I really think a lot different than many people. Many people tell me I am totally random, but I have more of a complexity to my thought process and I am totally well rounded. I kind of dip into many different interests and hobbies of mine that you never thought would fit together. I try to live life as leisureful as possible and try to make it through all my days without stressing about much.

One thing about me that I find interesting is my dedication to anyone who cares about me or has any interest in getting to know me. You can be a long lost high school friend and one day I will randomly call you to say hello. All throughout high school and my whole life I have made friends with people of every clik, race, creed, and age. Somehow I always try to keep up with how people are doing, because I find that a really important thing to do. Maybe this is why people think I am so nice. I just love all kinds of relationships and friendships!

If you know me really well you probably have seen my goofy and immature side that I let out once you get to know me. But on the flip side (depending on my mood) I can be a really serious person and have deep intellectual conversations. Other days, I am just a super dork and nerd! Hell my official job title is web/database programmer how nerdy is that!?!?!

Personal Information

  • Name:Dave (TheMemoryCrawler)
  • Hometown:Waterford, Michigan
  • Born:1982
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:November 17, 2013
  • His About Message:I am a sweet dude.
  • His Favorite Movies:Braveheart, Gladiator the usual
  • His Favorite Music:Hard Rock
  • His Favorite TV Shows:Seinfeld, Flavor of Love, Firefly, King of Queens, Family Guy
  • His Interests:Programming, Writing, Blogging, Facebook
  • His Hobbies:Running, Programming, PHP, MySQL, Marathons, Billiards, Videogames
  • His Relationship Status:Engaged
  • His High School:Waterford Mott High School
  • His Politics:Liberal
  • His Favorite Quotes:I can endure more pain than anyone you have ever met. Steve Prefontaine.
  • Programming :  I am such a huge programming dork. I mostly love writing web applications because it focuses on the user experience more than backend programming. Plus you get to learn a ton of different technologies to make stuff work. Its basically an art form and my way of expressing myself.
  • Running :  I am big into running and it has been a big part of my life for a while now. I am hopefully running a marathon this year. I ran college cross country in a division 1 school and even broke high school track and field record. Good times!
  • Engaged :  As most of you know on the site I am recently engaged to newsie682. I will have to add that as a relationship type, among other missing relationships soon. Thanks for crawling around the site.
  • Music :  I am one of the biggest music lovers ever. I played in band in high school and I really appreciated everything about music. It makes me feel so good listening to my favorite artists. I get chills down my back everytime somone sings a beautful song. Additionally you might see many memories involving Karaoke! I love it

Friends and Family on MemoryCrawler

 Friend NameRelationship
Allison (allisonhorton) His Friend
No Pic
Andy (anelsen) His Friend
Becky (rtaylor525) His Aunt
Ben (4stringbazooka) His Cousin
Beth (littlelizz) His Friend
Bill (zoomzoom) His Best Friend
No Pic
Blake (Blake Peters) His Friend
No Pic
Brandon (TheAsianSensation) His Friend
Chad (chadamander) His Friend
Chris (lehrerdod) His Cousin
No Pic
Christine (kiki) His Cousin
Christopher (MaestroSmith) His Friend
Christopher (Gatorman) His Uncle
No Pic
Christy (cowgirl) His Friend
No Pic
Cynthia (Cmoney) His Friend
Dan (dan10878) His Brother
No Pic
Dania (Dania6) His Friend
Dave (neo_trek) His Best Friend
No Pic
Derek (Defpunk) His Acquaintance
Drew (Drudanks) His Cousin
Dustin (snapbang) His Friend
No Pic
Elizabeth (The Liz) His Friend
georgia (georgia) His Friend
Gerri (KISKA309) His Grandmother
jana (jana710) His Friend
Jason (RockoRobotics) His Colleague
Jeff (jmjnerocks) His Cousin
Jessika (jessika) His Friend
No Pic
Joe (JVownsU) His Best Friend
John (jpobrien) His Friend
Julie (JulieBlood) His Friend
No Pic
Justin (liptonbuddy) His Friend
Kate (Kate) His Friend
No Pic
Kelly (KellyK) His Friend
Kevin (kshear) His Friend
No Pic
Kevin (Stack) His Cousin
No Pic
Kirt (kkstalker) His Uncle
No Pic
Kyle (kedorcey) His Friend
Laura (Laura) His Mother
No Pic
Ling (melissa) His Friend
Lorena (LorenaLee) His Other
matt (wrath) His Friend
matt (wrath) His Friend
No Pic
Michael (mikeo131) His Father In-law
Michele (sweet mom100) His Cousin
Michelle (michelleu) His Best Friend
Mike (golfnmike1959) His Father
mike (omikeo) His Friend
No Pic
Millicent (milliemo) His Best Friend
No Pic
nicholas (nazzaro) His Best Friend
Noel (lellel) His Cousin
Patsy (pstalker) His Aunt
No Pic
Paul (talorp85gt) His Uncle
No Pic
Paul (pdaughe) His Colleague
Paul (Bjorn Freeh) His Colleague
No Pic
Robin (THE OLD FART) His Cousin
Roy (grandpataylor) His Grandfather
Sandy (Auntsandy) His Aunt
Sean (pimpsean) His Cousin
No Pic
Sheila (sheila) His Aunt
Sherri (Mstique580) His Aunt
Stephen (JohnnySideburns) His Cousin
No Pic
Steve (demonicpixiesix) His Cousin
Susan (newsie682) His Wife
No Pic
Susan (sdavis) His Colleague
Theresa (twozniak) His Friend

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