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That's me on the right (I don't need suspenders).

Personal Information

  • Name:Paul (Bjorn Freeh)
  • Hometown:Armada, Michigan
  • Born:1956
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:July 14, 2008

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Answering Interview:Batman for TV, 1966

Do you remember when Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) climbed the charts in prime-time TV?
My mom was absolutely convinced that a show called "Batman" would be too scary for us to watch. Looking back, she was right.

Answering Interview:"The Sound of Music," 1965

Do you remember when Julie Andrews stared in the blockbuster musical "The Sound of Music"?
I remember nearly hurling at the open sequence of the film when they flew over the mountains. That was quite a spectacular scene on the big screen.

Answering Interview:Equality for women, 1963

Do you remember when Congress voted for compensation equality for women?
Women have equality? I don't believe it. Neither do their paychecks.

Answering Interview:JFK assassinated, 1963

Do you remember when JFK was assassinated?
My sister and I were home sick from school that day. I was playing with some toy cars under the kitchen table when my mom became very upset. Being almost, but not quite 7, I was most upset that regular TV programming was off the air so they could drone on and on about the assassination.

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