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  • Name:Justin (liptonbuddy)
  • Hometown:Warren, Michigan
  • Born:Chicks never like people knowing their age.
  • Gender:Female
  • Last Login:May 30, 2007

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Dave (TheMemoryCrawler) Her Friend

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Get out of the pit!I just thought of this...It was the year the Green Day headlined the Warped Tour (I think it was 98). The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were playing on one stage, and I thought Green Day was going to play after one more band after the Bosstones. I figured I'd stay up at the fgront of the pit so I wouldn . . . Read More..

Highway Porn ShopThere's a big Smash Brothers tournament usually every summer called Melee FC. It's held in South Bend Indiana in this huge church. 2 Summers ago, our little smash crew decided we'd like to go. So TheMemoryCrawler , Joe V., Adam, Joel, James, and I headed for South Bend in Joe's car. It was cr . . . Read More..

A Depressed Drug DealerThis just happened to me the other day, actually. So I've been eating my morphine pills for about 4 years now. I've been getting them from the same 2 people for all that time. They're an old ass black couple that live in the Brewster Projects in Detroit. Basicallyu you shoot down I-75 until you . . . Read More..

My First BJOK, so last year on March 12th, is the day I started going out with my first girlfriend Sam. She was pretty much a huge fucking whore, but I didn't mind, because I was getting laid pretty much on a daily basis. In retrospect, the sex was terrible. You'd think after fucking 32 other guys (I was lu . . . Read More..

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