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I run a social network called It's an online social community of people in metro detroit networking, sharing, blogging, etc. We put a lot of focus on music and entertainment because...well, thats like the best part of living in this state! the weather sux, but the music and entertainment is awesome! I love going out, enjoying a drink with friends, and laughing. I can't necessarily claim to be the funnest person ever, but I won't be the one to drag a night. I promote a lot of concerts here in the metro detroit area or atleast i own a site that does it for me. lol. I just like being there and enjoying the music and talking with the artists and fans.

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  • Name:dave (
  • Hometown:Detroit, Michigan
  • Born:1976
  • Gender:Male
  • Last Login:December 4, 2006

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Chapel StudioWent to Kensington Community Church and watched some of the most amazing talent in music. Met Noel who told me i should check out this site. Unfortunately my wife couldnt be there so i was a bit saddened. I alway like to share things that are great with her.

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