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"Memories in Time: 1980 - 1989"

Answering Interview Question:
Mount St Helens, 1980

Do you remember when Mount St Helens exploded over the Pacific Northwest

grandpataylor wrote:
"I used to see the mountain growing up."

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jeff wrote:
"Oh hell yeah...that was crazy. I remember watching this person talking with the news and saying that they would not leave their residence and that nobody, not even the government could make them leave. Well, the government didn't make them leave and they never did leave that land ever. Actually, they were buried alive in the pyroclastic flow of the volcano. A snapshot in time that I will never forget. Sometimes humanity ignores the warnings given to it, especially to its known folly. "

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timco35 wrote:
"yes i remember also at that same time i had surgery on my knee."

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