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Memory: Shemp's first day
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Clarkston Michigan
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Childhood Memory
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nyThe first day we got Shemp was quite the memorable moment. We found an ad in the Oakland Press about puppies for only 35$. This was just after we lost Whiskey so I didn't think it'd be such an easy transistion. Anyway, we pull up to this house in Pontiac right by Northern High School. I now believe that the house was some sort of opium den or possibly(to avoid any sterotype) a crack house. This might explain many of our dog's actions. In the house there were many puppies but only two that were running around and playing with each other. We got lucky and picked Shemp. On the way home in the future Tijuana Taxi, Shemp pooped. It was love at first sight for the Stalker family. That night Noel and I both wanted to sleep with Shemp. So what ended up happening was the last time Noel and I shared a bed together and the last time Shemp slept with anyone else besides my parents. Shemp still remains a good dog and poops in more places than the car.

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Clarkston, MI


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