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Memory: Sibling Revelry
Shaftsbury Ave (Rosedale)
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Toronto Canada
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Childhood Memory
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From (Growing up Through Elementary School)
Original Memory Interview Question

What was your first memory?

His Response:

I remember the Ravine where when I was about 2-3 yrs old my Older siblings would play and I had to stay behind a gate, But when I finally got my chance... My parents were upset at the older sibs for not paying attention to me MORE and they were grounded for the next few days. I on the other hand, was taken to a safe park every day for the next week (it was their punishment) and they resented taking me there. Later that year we were to move to a new house and one of my sibs got an idea to run off to the ravine just as the moving truck was arriving and we spent a whole hour searching for Him until a neighbour suggested we look there
and sure enough...there he was playing on an old tire swing having a great time when all of a sudden my Dad snuck up on him and dragged him home by the ear. We all said goodbye to the old house but I was not comfortable with that so my DAD made a special arrangement for me to come back once again to the old neighborhood. . . . Read More..

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Toronto, CAN


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