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Answering Interview Question:
Did your parents have any interesting stories to tell about the day you were born?
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Toronto Canada
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Original Memory Interview Question

Did your parents have any interesting stories to tell about the day you were born?

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YES! as a matter of fact. My mother told me about her labor and that I was not a difficult birth but even so memories were of a different situation. So I entered a program called "Primal Therapy" where you are brought back in your life by Hypnosis and relive certain stages of your childhood. They use this for a lot of different reasons from recollections of child abuse to investigating "Past Life" regression. In my particular case it was to find out how my birth was from my fetal perspective and as it turned out...I had a hard time before the delivery because (and it was confirmed by the Hospital staff) that the cord was wrapped around my neck prior to delivery but it was not for long and the Doctor said it unwrapped itself somehow just before I was delivered and he was surprised that it did. My Mother does not remember any difficulties with my birth but I at my infancy seemed to remember much more about it than was publicly known.

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Toronto, CAN


"Story Teller"

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