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Memory: Southern Chew
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One time I was hitchhiking down in the south when I was a teenager. I got in the back seat of this Chevrolet and this old woman was driving it with her daughter and I thought she looked real nice. Pretty soon she rolled down the window and she gave a big spit out the window (snuff spit). And it went all over the window next to me and my opinion of her changed immediately. Funny how I was attracted to her, but then minutes later, that all changed.

My dad took us kids in 1932 (kidnapped us from our mother). We ended out in Alabama out in the hills. We stayed I this old lady’s house and she would sit there in a rocking chair. She chewed snuff and she would spit it into the fire and it would make a huge noise.

I also remember at the time when we were hiding from the sherrif, there were these mud slides out there by the river. We had a great time on them, even the colored people had one down by the other side of the river. Sadly these white guys put razor blades in their mud . . . Read More..

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