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Memory: Running stairs on the Hancock tower
Spring of 2004
Hancock Building
City and Locale:
Chicago United States
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Fun Thing That Happened
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I and a friend wanted to see the city from a high vantage point, so we were finally able to get over to the Hancock building, and at the last minute decided to run most of the way, instead of taking the elevators.

So, we ran fifty flights. When we ran fifty, we said, 'Why not run sixty?' When we ran the sixty, we said, 'Why not run sixty-one?' Then, we took the elevator the next twenty flights.

At the top-most accessible level, we found ourselves on an abandoned floor, where there was clearly some renovation happening.

We opened one of the bare rooms, and found that not only were we able to look out over the city from eighty or ninety floors up, but we were even able to open the windows and lean out.

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Troy, MI


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