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Memory: Honeymoon Day Eight: Montevideo Sights
Exactly On:
February 15 2008
City and Locale:
Montevideo Uruguay
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There wasn't much to say about Montevideo Uruguay, Susan and I were a bit tired and a lot of the city just looked either similar to Brazil or Buenos Aires and/or there weren't a whole lot of grand and interesting things that the guide or the city really came a crossed to us.

There were a couple of nice viewpoints and we got some decent photos on the tour and probably the coolest sight of the day was an old government building all made of marble mostly.

Once we got back to the ship I had more fun after we had eaten and exchanged a bit of money for more pesos for this country.

We walked just outside the pier into the market area and did a bit of browsing and met a nice man and his family who were kind of pan handlers. Susan found a great Matte set for cheap there and we even almost purchased a handmade sheepskin leather rug for 70 bucks US but we would have had to go back to the boat to get our money which deemed time pressing for the boat left in 30 . . . Read More..

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