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Memory: Sweden and Denmark
Fall of 2004
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Malmo Sweden
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EuroTrip 2004
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Sweden and Denmark

2004-10-12 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Some of the new Mexican travelers staying in my room made me some damn good eggs and sausage this morning, afterward I did the dishes.

I commented on how big Paco's bag was and I took a picture of it. He weighed it in at about 47 pounds. It was absolutely huge and he is only gone for 2 months just like me. I was so glad I didn't pack that much.

Palle brought in a new customer from the station. She settled in and Palle was mentioning that she was really needing someone to show her around the city. I have already seen two days of Copenhagen and I planned on visiting Sweden today. But Alessandra (from Brazil) tagged along to my trip to Sweden. We went to a city called Malmo. There was a lot of shopping to do there and once we go there I ended up having one of the best meals I have had the whole vacation (Salmon). We did a lot of shopping (of course) and I found two perfect gifts for one of my

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