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Memory: Spring Break 2004 NYC
Winter of 2004
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New York New York
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EuroTrip 2004
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For my last Spring Break ever (Senior Year at Oakland University) I was going to go to Florida for Spring Break, but my friend cancelled on me. So as a second effort to have a good time on my break I decided to buy tickets through a school trip to NYC! Tickets were super cheap (170 bucks for 4 days). The only person I knew was Andy Baker, but after those 4 days were over I made a ton
more friends and had the greatest time I have had in such a long time!!

Here are the things I remember us doing....

When we first got there we immediately went to times Square where Andy lifted me up on his shoulders and we took pics and hung out.

I felt so gross from the long bus ride, but we couldnt yet check into the hotel.

I dont remember specifics about what we did on the first day after that, maybe we went to the comedy night that night with Adrian Bass and others, I am not sure.

In the morning for sure I know we made our way to the Metropolitan museum. It was one of the largest
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