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Memory: Dammit we was drunk
Fall of 2000s
City and Locale:
Minneapolis Minnesota
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Inebriated Decision
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So, I have a couple of buddies named Lance and Jeff. My fiance and I had them over for a night of BBQing and drinks. That night we went through a bottle of Vodka, Scotch, and about 24 beers.

For some unknown reason my buddy Jeff thinks it's a good idea to have Pay Per View Porn on the TV while we drink. Then he calls a friend of his over. She and Jeff start making out. She and Lance start making out. I think strip poker was played. And at about 1:00 AM the waffle maker was used(for its intended purpose). I was the waffle chef, and last to eat. Because Lance needed an unholy amount of syrup for his waffle I was left syrupless.

Jeff ended up sleeping on our couch. Lance and the aforementioned gal friend crashed downstairs. Jeff got a call the next day..."Lance doesn't have anything, does he?" Apparently reminants of a romantic encounter remained with her. Thus prompting the conversation. This was after I spoke with Lance who apologized in advance if I found anything while . . . Read More..

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Minneapolis, MN


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