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Memory: Flaming sidewalk
Summer of 1997
City and Locale:
cumming Georgia
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Childhood Memory
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Every kid goes through a pyro phase right? And you know that if it involves something that you shouldn't o as a and Sean were all in. About the time that we found the anarchist's cookbook online ( I was in 7th grade and Sean in 5th) we had a lot of tricks up our sleeve.

We found this one entry about a liquid that burned hotter and longer than gasoline, it is called naepalm ( I botched the spelling there). So we added styrofoam to gasoline until it stopped dissolving and we had naepalm in an old can in the back of my dad's house.

we started by lighting small amounts and watching it burn until we accidentilly spilled the can of flammabile liquid all over the sidewalk.

This was no joke, next thing I knew there were flames on the sidewalk 10 feet tall! One of ran and grabbed the hose after the laughter dies down and we realized this was deep crap and the could catch on fire any minute. The water from the hose just seemed to spread the giant flames that were quickly out of . . . Read More..

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