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Memory: Hollocost Museum Spitting
Fall of 1995
City and Locale:
Washington District of Columbia
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This made me angry
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Not Rated
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This one time on our 8th grade trip to Washington DC, we took our whole group to the Hollocost museum.

But we werent there but 10 minutes when Jason Cooley spit off of this balcony thing.

Someone caught him and then they kicked out our entire school.

People can ruin things for everyone by doing something stupid. Why would anyone punish a group of people when it is one persons fault for doing something stupid?

This type of thing happens all the time in society. Someone can commit a crime and lawmakers will screw everyone else over because one person did something.

People can be stupid sometimes, but Jason was a cool guy regardless. I didnt really want to go to that muesum anyways at the time. I was too young to think about what happened 50 years ago.

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