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Memory: Spring Break 2004 NYC
Winter of 2004
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New York New York
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EuroTrip 2004
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For my last Spring Break ever (Senior Year at Oakland University) I was going to go to Florida for Spring Break, but my friend cancelled on me. So as a second effort to have a good time on my break I decided to buy tickets through a school trip to NYC! Tickets were super cheap (170 bucks for 4 days). The only person I knew was Andy Baker, but after those 4 days were over I made a ton
more friends and had the greatest time I have had in such a long time!!

Here are the things I remember us doing....

When we first got there we immediately went to times Square where Andy lifted me up on his shoulders and we took pics and hung out.

I felt so gross from the long bus ride, but we couldnt yet check into the hotel.

I dont remember specifics about what we did on the first day after that, maybe we went to the comedy night that night with Adrian Bass and others, I am not sure.

In the morning for sure I know we made our way to the Metropolitan museum. It was one of the largest museums I had ever been and was totally amazing.

After that we all walked up to Central Park where it was very cold and windy and we didnt get to fully appreciate it.

The Next day I went with some other new people down to the statue of Liberty and ground Zero.

Both were completely eye opening as you can imagine.

We also met up with Andy and others out in China town where I did some shopping and had some bad chinese food for lunch.

This day, we all picked up tickets to see the broadway show "Rent." The problem was that I didnt have another nice shirt for some reason.

So while we were shopping in Grenich Village, I bought a lime green dress shirt and we got some nice photos of the 40 dollar purchase.

Rent was completely phenominal and was again eye opening.

We were so giddy and happy at the end of it and I was overwhelmed by the lights of time square at night.

I loved it. We all had some desert at a local diner across the way.

We got back to the hotel and goofed off all night.

The next day we were on a mission to see a live show taping and we finally got in touch with someone over at comedy central who gave us tickets to Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn. We spent the whole morning getting across the city to get there and the taping was totally cool.

We even hung out with some of the comedians briefly and took photos with the Oakland University flag.

That night (our last night) we wandered around and made our way to a Jazz club where we heard amazing jazz. This was after our dinner at the scary and creepy Halloween-escque restaurant and after all this we even went to another comedy club and had lots of laughs.

Overall this trip was the greatest thing to happen to me and really added so much value to my life of travel in my twenties.

I cant wait to go back.

My NYC experience was so well rounded and I dont have time to go into detail about each event that I experienced while traveling there.


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