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Memory: Vegas Baby!
Summer of 2003
The Strip In Vegas
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Las Vegas Nevada
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A Fun Weekend
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After my parents divorce, they got back together after about a year and were basically a little bit of a cute joke within the extended family cause they would always say "Oh yeah and bring the boyfriend."  So eventually my parents plan this huge trip out to Vegas to get remarried on what would have been their 25th anniversary had they stayed together.  We brought a ton of our family from both my Dad's side and my Mom's side and everyone who wanted to go was invited.  This is the one trip that I can honestly say that my parents went all out in.  I love family trips and hope to have a big one overseas someday.

I remember waking up butt early because my mom had to get to the airport 3 hours early before our flight.  I remember Dan and I playing a couple of classic old school games on his laptop in the airport.

Once we arrived in Vegas we checked in and wandered around for a few hours.  We had lunch at a buffet type thing in our hotel and it was so great relaxing with everyone.  We had to pick up Dave Clingan and find him because he decided that he would take a cheaper flight in the previous night and stay in Vegas overnight with no accomodation.  BAD IDEA... he had to stay at the airport for the whole night because he was too much of a wuss to wander around and stay up all night.  

That night we had a dinner show at our hotel that had a Hawaiian theme to it.  The Pistons were in the playoffs and afterward we bet twenty dollars on them, but lost.  We drank a lot of Mai Tai's there and everyone at this point looked like crap because of how tired we were.  Eventually I got my second wind and ended up staying up over 26 hours that day.  Mostly gambling and having a good time on the first night.  I think everyone went to bed early and I went out and took a taxi by myself to a pool hall where I thought I would be better matched by hustling in something I have a chance at winning.  When I got back I gambled more in Black Jack and I think I won 250 or 300 bucks that night.  Everyone was impressed by my luck at the tables.

The second day, Clingan and I walked the south side of the new strip and it took at least 3 or more hours just to get to the other end from the Imperial Palace hotel.  We bought a few things and took a lot of photos of the insides of the casinos.  We ended up going on the New York, New York roller coaster.  It was pretty lame.  Later that day i believe we did a lot of gambling and I won another 200 bucks in about 15 minutes.  That night Me, Kevin, Clingan, Dan , Lisa and maybe a few more went out to go clubbing.  We stood in line for the popular "Rain" bar for about an hour and a half and eventually just left.  Somehow I was pretty drunk at this point and while we were walking down the street I approached some people and told them not to go to Rain because of the line.  My brother immediately bit my head off and was yelling at me.  Somehow this got me upset and I just started walking away from everyone.  Normally I am not like this, but there was a few things he was harping on me before.  He mostly was concerned with some guy just kicking my ass or something.  As I was furiously drunkenly walking down the street I set my long island glass down on a newstand and it fell and shattered on the street.  Eventually I came to terms and walked back to see them on the other side of the street.  I know he was just concerned, but we were mostly drunk and I blew it way out of proportion.

Next we all went to another club where I got even more depressed.  For some reason I was getting upset about how lonely I was.  Just being around the women at the club made me upset and I ended up crying in front of Lisa.  She never likes me to drink after that night.  I really dont know why I was stressed out... I was in Vegas and having a great time, but was upset that I couldnt bring a date to my parents wedding or anything.

The next day I believe was my parents wedding on that Saturday and I pretty much had a hang over.  That day I wore my "Beer Shirt" to my parents wedding just to be funny and to have it in all the pictures.  The coolest thing about this weekend was that the day before, my Aunt Sandy and her boyfriend Chris decided to go to court and get a marraige license as well as their blood test done.  It was really spontaneous and they got married with my parents in the same ceremony.  The ceremony was cool and the pictures were really funny and cute with my beer shirt.  The slogan on the bottom of the shirt was "Beer: Helping hook up since 1812."  or something like that.

After the wedding we went to the tower to have lunch.  We had to wait a bit to get to our seat and Linda made Lisa upset because they were talking about homes in depth.  We had our lunch and drinks and it was great fun still.  The one thing I remember from eating in the tower (I think its the hard rock casino downstairs), was that the whole thing spins around and after about an hour of that I needed to get the hell out of there because I was feeling a little queezy.

We went on the roof top after lunch and contemplated going on the roller coaster on the rooftop, but decided not to go.  I was so freaked out at it.... it just looked hellish scary.

Mostly the rest of the day I cant really recall.  Alot of Vegas is wandering around in the various casinos and I cant really remember one day from the other.

What I cannot forget is the last night I was in Vegas.  I think it was the night of my parents marraige.  We all decide to go to the old strip.  And I am still pissed that my brother didnt get to see it.  He totally copped out and relaxed back at the hotel or something.  

So it was mostly me and Clingan I think by ourselves, but we met up with my Uncle Kirt and my parents down there.  We were drinking (once again...) Long Islands on the strip and really appreciating the ambiance of old vegas.  It was sooo cool.  I got some fantastic photos in front of the cowboy and we were just all goofing off together.  Another fantastic thing about that strip is the light show.  That had to have been THE coolest thing I saw in Vegas.  Anyone going there has got to see it.  What a piece of artwork!

Clingan and I eventually left and went to the strip club to spend a bunch of my money that I had won.  We did a bit of that and one of the strippers that was giving me a lap Dan ce tried to overcharge me from 30 bucks to about 120.  I told her I only had 50 bucks on me.  Clingan was blowing a ton more money than I was and I had a really hard time getting him outta there.  Sometimes when that geek drinks, he gets very stubborn.  

Anyway we left and eventually jumped into a taxi cab and went around a cauldesac.  Next Clingan tells the taxi cab to stop and he got out and started puking a bit.  The taxi driver wanted me to pay him like 4 bucks for driving around a cauldesac.  So basically Clingan and I started running into a parking garage to get away and I swear the taxi driver was chasing after us.  We were so trashed!

Once we got back, Clingan went to bed and I couldnt seem to get anyone to come gambling with me.  So I went downstairs by myself and played blackjack, only this time I slapped down a 100 dollar black chip on my first hand.  Somehow I won and quit playing.  I went back upstairs and told everyone how I just won 100 bucks, but still no one wanted to go gambling more with me.

I went back down and drunkenly sat at another table.  I still was down in my total winnings, so somehow I kept on gambling with those pesky black chips as if they were worth 5 dollars.  I would win a few and lose a few, and at one point I looked at my wallet and I had 2 Benjamins left in my wallet.  This was just after I lost 200 dollars on one hand.  So I took the two Presidents out and slapped them down on the table and then I HIT A BLACKJACK!!  So I was back up to 400 at that point.

I wandered over to another casino and ended up at about 700 dollars.  The exact amount I came with.  So basically I broke even, but with all the food, drinks, souvineers and entertainment that I spent money on it was well worth all the risks of gambling.

I had such a great time in vegas.

So its true, what happens in vegas stays in vegas.  But I didnt do anything totally immoral and insane.  So this memory will be public for everyone to read.  I cant wait for your recollections guys!


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