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Memory: Rifle River Scenery
Summer of 1990s
Rifle River
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Childhood Memory
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I have definitely been reminiscing about Rifle River lately. I remember the scenery. I remember when we started getting close how the road would be less wide and we would be surrounded by tall trees. What I didn't understand then was that this was because we had got off the expressway. The road looked like many roads in Michigan look like and because of this I would never be able to remember how to get there just by the landmarks. I remember that we would always stop at this one part first where the canoes were and Dad would do something - probably register or sign in or something. Then we would go to the spot where we would camp.

The campground would probably be hard for me to find. I don't remember it having a sign or anything. Just a gate that you had to get out of your car to open. I do remember the dirt road winding down until you got next to the river. There were two spots where people camped - down near the river and up a little higher past some trees.

My dad would always get there early to set up his camper near the river. I remember many summer nights laying in the camper and listening to the sound of the river and letting it lull me to sleep.

I remember the campfire on the upper level where the adults would gather to discuss things that we kids were totally disinterested in, except for the occassional dirty joke that my dad was so good at telling.

I remember floating down the lazy river to this one spot that had rapids that kind of made a natural "slide" in the river that you could slide down with or without an inner tube. That was downstream from the campground. Sometimes we would go upstream from the campground. The water was always very cold but you would usually get used to it. We would often play with our toys in the river until we got older and that wasn't cool. We exchanged our toys for Gameboys at that time.

I remember a party store that we would always visit to get supplies. Kevin and I would always get candy there. I remember getting those little colorful dot candies that were suck to a long sheet of paper.

I can't forget the annual trip down the river that we would take. It would seem to last for a long time and you never knew when you were close to being done because the river scenery seemed to repeat itself as the river wound past each corner. At times I felt as though we would never reach our destination, that we passed it somehow. Because of the winding back and forth I lost what little sense of direction I had and felt like we got lost. This was not possible though since the river only took you one way. We would start out together, but by the time we got closer to the end, it was just me and my brother and my dad or me and my cousin.

What fun times those were. I definitely need to recognize how cool it was that my dad took me there each year.


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