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Memory: My 1st College Cross Country Race
Fall of 2004
Some Woods in Detroit
City and Locale:
Romulus Michigan
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A Running Story
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Nothing really interesting happened at this race. I probably ran like crap that day. It was a race against all the local colleges in Detroit.

I remember my summer training vividly though. I did a lot of miles that summer and I remember meeting up at the Running Gear in Rochester and running up this huge dirt hill called Dutton Rd.

About this time I was soo happy I joined Cross at OU because I had soo many good times with all the people and made some great friends. I remember my first day at OU I was sitting down with all my friends and I saw a person from high school that was in the "popular crowd". I remember just laughing inside about how I made some great friends already and now she was standing here looking around for places to eat her lunch.

Another story I remember about this time was our first time trials for OU. I remember how we were supposed to run 5 miles in a race, but Coach marked it off as about a mile too long.

When Billy crossed the 3 mile marker with me we were both at 19:59 (blisteringly slow) and I remember him yelling "COME ON FUCKING GO!!!!".

My first cross country season was good times.

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