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Memory: Honeymoon Day Three: Sau Paulo Hilton Adventure
Exactly On:
February 9th 2008
City and Locale:
Sau Paulo Brazil
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When we arrived to our hotel in Sau Paulo, we had so much fun checking out the modern Murombi rooms and the amenities we had. We were tired, exhausted and gross feeling from the lack of showers. But we got a great Brazilian/Italian meal and I had a few beers for about 30 Brazilian.

We wandered around this safe World Trade Center for a while and took a bunch of pictures.

The weather outside was absolutely fantastic with zero humidity and great sunshine.

We took a two hour nap and eventually woke up seeking more food, but to no avail we could not find anything open in the WTC. So we had to pay about 100 bucks to eat inside the Hilton. It was decent food. But absolutely fantastic service and totally relaxing atmosphere.

That night at about Midnight we overheard a noise coming from a wedding down below and it started right at midnight. We were a bit worried that in Brazil, the weddings start at midnight and last all night with that racket, but it eventually ended. The building opened up its glass doors, so that's why the music traveled that far of a distance.

In the morning, I went downstairs and talked to the Royal Carribean person and organized us to ride onto the second bus of which we were not previously booked on. But considering the high cost of taxi's in Brazil, it was cheaper and easier to get onto this mode of transportation to the Santos pier.

We waited for a few hours and got onto the bus and I think paid 40 a person to ride on this ride.

I was tired, but woke up at the most opportune time when we hit the Amazon type jungle.

I didn't have my camera at this time, so I can only explain what I saw.

We drove on a freeway through the thickest and most green jungle you can possibly imagine. Only it is not just a flat area, but it was as if we floated above cliffs at least 300 meters high. Very narrow two way highway and barely any guard rails.

But it was a sight unlike anything I could imagine out of a book or movie. Seeing this jungle in person was so heart-wrenching. I love seeing nature and mountains and always get excited to see the landscape of the world more than the man made things.

There were small waterfalls just bursting out of the trees and no houses or towns in the mix. Just the forest.

But at least 1500 meters below we also had a fantastic view of Santos and the pier at some points.

I just wish there was a lookout point, but I am assuming that it really isn't the hottest tourism destination to take photos.

It was unbelievable and I wish I had my camera.

We got to Santos fine and there were a lot of great people watching sights.

Watching the locals walk around and ride bikes. I even saw a man taking a nap underneath a billiard table as others were playing. There were many smaller slums, but it was interesting to note that almost 90% of them had the huge 1980's size satellites for their cable TVs. I had some videos of the Brazilian life that I can accompany this story with.

We finally made it! we called our parents to let them know we made it while we were in line and we got onto the ship!

I was a bit cranky from my lack of sleep the night before and was trying hard to get back to take a nap in our room, but there was the fire drill and a lot of people knocking on the door to bring our luggage up. It was soo good to get a nice meal and lunch when we boarded because Susan and I kind of skipped breakfast because we were in a hurry to get our stuff ready for the impromptu bus ride to Santos.

All in all, the day consisted of me being overwhelmed with too many things to do and things to see and I vented my slight frustrations with the boat having too many fun things to do on the first day docked in Santos.

We mostly just ate and relaxed on the first day and the boat set sail for Rio that night arriving in the morning. Butt-early in the morning can you tell I was cranky about this too???


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