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Memory: No Dog For Me
Summer of 1980s
Cedar Point
City and Locale:
Sandusky Ohio
Memory Category:
Difficult Times
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Here is the situation:

The Stalkers and the Renne's frequently would go to Cedar Point almost each year.

On this particular year toward the end of the day my Father and Kirt played this bowling ball game to get the kids these huge stuffed dogs.

The way the game worked was you would have to roll the ball up three small hills and not roll back so that the ball is in the farthest point out.

I vividly remember standing there in anticipation and excitement as Noel got his, Kevin got his and then Dan got his. But mine was more difficult to get for some reason.

And on top of that the moms came and realized the boys were spending all this money on a stupid dog and they told them they had to stop at a small crappy purple dog with hearts.

I dont remember the rest of the night for I was probably the most upset out of my life here.

The photos are simply fantastic. View on.

There is another pic of me reinacting it in high school. But it wasnt until recently when Noel scanned his moms photos that I actually saw the original traumatizing moment.

What a precious memory... I would not want it any different.

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