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Memory: San Diego Sun
July 25th 2005
July 30th 2005
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San Diego California
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Sometime after my first trip to China.  Maybe a few days later, I immediately had a business trip out to San Diego for training while working at Compuware.

I was living in Ann Arbor at the time and had not been back there for like a month straight.  

So I fly out there and it was such a long flight!  Even though I just had ridden at least 18 hours from China, 5 hours seemed very long to me to travel within my own country.

I get there on a Sunday afternoon and I swear I didnt even get settled into my hotel.  I think I immediately took my rental car out and around the city until I found a good spot to park and start rollerblading.  I was rollerblading all around Mission Bay and the board walk in San Diego and having a really good time enjoying the atmosphere.  I had some people take some photos of me as the sun set.  And I just was really appreciating such a beautiful new city that I have never been to.  I went to a crab shack and had some seafood and just brought my blades in there with me.

Eventually it got dark and I headed back to my room.  In the morning I had breakfast at the Courtyard and bumped into some colleagues of mine, which was nice cause I didnt know exactly which building across the street was the one that we were going to be training in.

We had training sessions Monday through Thursday that week and I wont really talk about them much because nothing interesting came out of them.  I really disliked the products I was supposed to sell and never thought they were very valuable to customers.  They were quite boring to me.  I dont know why, but it was my first real job in the I.T. industry and I dont want to quit just because I am not passionate about the value and service that the software provides.

Anyways, here are some of the things we did after work.

  • One night, I think monday, we all had drinks and dinner at a really nice place. It is famous for its history with the race tracks. Even though I am the youngest person there, only 22 at the time, my friends and colleagues still welcome me and we all have a great time.

  • Another night I organize a whole movie night out to get some nice Mexican food and also to go see the new Sci-Fi Thriller War of The Worlds. We attended it at the outdoor mall there in town. It was again a lot of fun.

  • During the day we would always eat lunch together and chit chat with my new friends. Most of these Compuware employees were quite good at Networking computers whereas my interest lies in software development. But we all still enjoyed these teaching sessions and lunches. I wish I could remember all the names of the new friends I made, but I havent communicated with these folks in quite some time. One day during lunch I spoke with a man about Marriage and his one recommendation would be that before you get married you should buy yourself something very nice that is only for you. I liked that piece of advice and might do it if I have some money left over before the wedding.

  • I cant recall which day I did all of this, I think we got done with the training early on thursday, so I spent the day going to all sorts of places. I went to this electronics store called Fry's and looked for some sweet deals that people were talking about. I also went to many parks and historical districts and rollerbladed all around even though some areas said not too. (I am a rebel). In my day travels, I met an old man feeding hundreds of squirrels. We stood around feeding and talking for about 30 minutes. There was even some people who tried to tell him to stop feeding them. He being a right wing liberal and environmentalist gave them a piece of his mind. I learned a lot about Squirrels then and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with him. It was totally random.

The reason I had so much more time to travel was that I thought it would be fun to try out the red eye flight, so I could have more time in such a beautiful city such as San Diego.  That turned out to be a bad idea.  I got no sleep and had to be into Detroit on friday to go to Compuware and work.  It sucked, but that fun day out in the sun was well worth it.  It was my first business trip, and I did have a really good time.  Check out the vids and pics.

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