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Memory: My First Big Trip
Fall of 1994
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Phoenix Arizona
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So when I was in 7th grade, my parents were gracious enough to take a huge family trip out west to visit my Uncle Mike, Sheila and my cousins Drew and Sean .

I am still so gracious of them for taking us, because I had such an amazing experience. Even though in all of the photos I have no smiles in them.

I guess I dont remember or have time to post every little thing, so I will just post the major things that happened.

On the flight over there, my parents got a cheap "Milk run" that stopped over about 3 times. This was disasterous to my mom and mys stomach and we both ended up barfing together on the last leg.

I barfed out some ranch doritos, so it was absolutely disgusting as you can imagine.

The main reason why we got so sick was not the milk run, but the maneuvers that the airplane did. It pretty much did a complete inversion and turn around before landing.

I remember seeing some old lady next to me being disgusted.

We chilled for a while once we got there, but then planned a few day, day trip out to the grand canyon and through Sedona.

We went to Sedona which was a great little town with lots of tourist trap stores. It was there that I got addicted to buying Katchinas. For those of you who dont know what they are, they are little Indian dolls about 12 inches high. I just liked how they were decorated and I also like the colors and feathers on them.

On the way to the grand canyon, we stopped at a hotel. At this hotel, all my cousins and my brother found these bones lying around and Mike and Sheila allowed us to soak them in the bathtub of the hotel. But come to find out there were insects and dirt and a bunch stuff in them and it ruined the bathtub.

When we arrived at the grand canyon, it was a very neat thing to see. It was so vast. I loved being there for hours overlooking it. I really wanted to travel down to some trails, but its very dangerous if you dont come prepared with rations.

Some other things that we did while we were there for two weeks was had a little scavaging hunt for eggs for Easter.

We also went on a lot of walks and had ice cream out by this park.

One night we went to Drews play at his school.

And another night we played video games at a mall.

We did a lot of shopping too. And Phoenix and Arizona was one of the most amazing places I had ever seen.

We ad so much fun for those two weeks or so we were there.

I probably have some of the facts wrong here, but I dont have time to think through every little thing that happened on that trip.

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