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Memory: Sun, sun, fun and more sun
Fall of 2004
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Corfu Greece
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EuroTrip 2004
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Sun, sun, fun and more sun

2004-10-23 | Corfu, Greece

We arrived off of the ferry only to be escorted by bus to the'backpackers paradise' known as the Pink Palace. This place is the hotspot, especially in the summer where it seats over 900 beds. The wholething is painted pink (obviously). Driving there was quite scarybecause of the crazy bus driver, but we made it safe. I really enjoyedthe view because I saw a tree I have never seen in my life. I havenever seen a Cypress tree before and they were really cool looking.When we arrived.... it was pink everywhere and we were immediatelyserved a hefty breakfast and also we told about all the perks to this'all inclusive feeling hostel.' We had the ability to take a trip toAthens, to ride ATVs, to go on a booze cruise, to go kayaking and muchmore. Not to mention the godly scenery here on the island, all of ushostellers were surely in for a pleasant surprise here.

Once we showered up it was straight to the beach. We lied here tanning and relaxing for about 2 hours. We also jumped in the Ionian sea with no worries about our stuff getting stolen because of its seclusion.

I encountered the cutest family of wild cats and it was the most amazing thing watching them interact. I learned that male fathers don't provide, but fight for food. I watched a little cute kitten dig a hole and take a dump and bury it. That was interesting. Also some of the Pink Palace workers fed them, but were also very mean to them. The hit them and even brushed one of them off into the ocean. It was cruel. As that was happening, I watched one of the hostel workers eat an entire fish head right out of the ocean. The thing was still alive and it was pretty gross. But I guess that's how things are here.

We lied on the beaches for a total of over 5 hours. We also did some shopping at a store and realized just how inexpensive Greece is. It is total dirt cheap. I thought Prague was inexpensive.

After this, we relaxed for the sun drained a lot of our energy and we got barely any sleep on the ferry. We picked up our Pink Togas, for tonight was the weekly toga party. I learned how to tie up a toga and I wore an interesting pair of boxers I picked up in my travels. I bought some boxers that have the bottom portion of Michelangelo's David on them. So if my toga showed through to my body, it would be a funny joke that someone would see the statue of David's junk and not my junk (I ended up showing my closest friends a peek and they just cracked up). I also accessorized by creating a Greek halo made of an olive tree. This was a great thing to wear and I looked totally Greek. After Matt and I took pictures of me posing as David we headed down for an extravagant meal and the Toga party at our huge bar. We ate dinner and even met some asshole Canadians at our table. I don't even know there names, but they were totally pulling out really bad historical facts about America and also being very rude to me because I was an American. I couldn't believe what arrogant things they said to me, and neither could the rest of the Canadian filled table. They apologized for him being a jerk to me and we basically made fun of them in conversation a few times because they were jerks.

The night was pretty crazy.... a ton of dancing. I did a little. And a lot of drinking with the dollar shots and 1.50 drinks. I had never been to a toga party and there is always room for a first.

Later that night, we all gathered around in a circle and they put on a show for us. A lot of Greek music and also plate smashing and dancing. At one point, the owner George picked up a flaming table with his mouth as others smashed plates and he walked around a ring of fire. It was definitely really cool to see. Finally we all sat on our knees and they smashed plates on everyone's heads. Don't worry, these are just cheap plastered plates so they barely hurt.

Matt ended up leaving before me and he left the door closed and locked. I knocked a bunch and heard a girl saying "Wrong room". I assumed he was cheating on his girlfriend so I persisted and kept yelling "Paris... you know your girlfriend that's meeting up with you." Because I told him I wouldn't let anything bad happen to him to be unfaithful to his girlfriend. I kept on knocking and to my surprise he opened the door with no one in it. It must of been the girl next door who said something. Well, its all in a good days effort to try to stop infidelity. Maybe it was my first hand experience with someone cheating on me, but he told me about how their relationship was and I didn't want any more pain going around in the world. But Matt is one of the few good ones, and I misjudged him. In the morning, he couldn't remember that he opened the door. It was kind of funny, but for sure this was a memorable first day in Greece.


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