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Memory: The Spanish Trails and Spanish Crimes
Fall of 2004
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Barcelona Spain
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EuroTrip 2004
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The Spanish Trails and Spanish Crimes

2004-09-29 | Ancient Spanish Town, Spain John and I had heard of this great day trip with this cute little company called Spanish Trails. Last night we booked and put down payment on a 45 E trip out to an ancient Spanish City. We got to the place before it opened so I drank my coffee and had my breakfast at the Placa de Cataluna.

While I was eating, we both saw a guy selling stolen stereos to some of the locals. John and I laughed and also talked about how we have both had first hand experience with getting our stereos stolen. He said "If only there was a cop I would say something" And as we were walking there turned up a cop. I was quite far away enough to simply point him out so I did it. I just had a conversation with the cops. It is not like I am looking for trouble with the seller, but it felt like payback for the 2 times I have had my car stereo stolen. Come to find out, they wont do anything unless I wrote a report. I was like "Fuck that" and I left. It just comes to show how lenient crimes are here.

We met up with the 3 other great new friends I made on the Spanish Trails Expedition and we drove about an hour and a half into the Pyreneese mountains. We had wonderful and fun conversations on the way. I have had so many eye opening and interesting conversations on my travels (I cant even explain them all, but it is great). We got to this town and had some Spanish donuts and got water. We then walked through one of the most well preserved towns I have ever seen. All of the buildings in this town were from the 1500's and above. It was so freaking cool. We walked up to the top and back down and then saw one of the most amazing festivals I have seen so far. There was a huge Spanish brass band playing along with a group of people dancing in a circle. I was so excited and the band sounded great.

After that (I took some good movies of the festival) we hiked for about 30 minutes to our lunch spot. This cliff where we ate lunch was by far competing with the best view I have seen so far in my travels. 1000 meters above the Pyrenees eating lunch and talking about American politics and Bush it was so great!

Overall the trip was a huge success.

Once we got back (I had some Siesta in the car -- sleep) we went out to have Paella (traditional Spanish rice) that Susan told me to try. The food was absolutely fantastic.

After that it was still early and John and I met up with some French girls we were talking with in the hostel earlier. We all decided to go out and drink. But as we were walking around we all agreed to just grab some Sangria (Spanish Wine that cost us 1.75!!!) and camp out and drink it on the beach. We all were having great drunken conversation in front of the Mediterranean for about an hour and a half. Then some crazy shit went down. To the right about 15 meters we saw a fight occurring in the sand. I figured it was a gang brawl, but in actuality it was an attempt on Rape. Me and my friend Rachel from Colorado immediately grabbed empty Sangria bottles to use as a weapon. We wouldn't just let someone get raped in front of our own eyes. And next... the most amazing thing happened. A bright shining light and cops running after these fucking sick bastards. The cops beat the shit out of these guys for a minute and hand cuffed them.

In reflection, it was the craziest thing I have seen in a while. There are some crimes that happen in Spain but nothing bad will happen to me. I have a great head on my shoulders... you guys know that. I only travel and venture out when I am with people. I don't travel at night alone too often or for too long. Please don't worry about me. I mean come on.... I am from Detroit. I cant hold my own. But I also have to sustain morality and what is right in situations that happen around me. I am down to helping people out at all times. Take care everyone.

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