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Memory: A Long Walk
Fall of 2004
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United Kingdom
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EuroTrip 2004
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A Long Walk

2004-09-24 | Edinburgh, United Kingdom

When I woke up I immediately went to a free walking tour of the city. We went up and down the royal mile which is the heart of the city. Our guide spoke of how the city was built and also mentioned how people would throw their waste into the street even if there is someone standing there! The city used to be extremely unsanitary and the black plague hit the worst here.

He also showed us some of the buildings that are 200 years older than the US. Some of which they used to torture people accused of witch craft.

Another interesting place was the door where they used to nail someone's ear to if the seller sold an incorrect amount of sugar or something to someone. They might get like 8 hours nailed to the door. People could piss on them or throw rotten vegetables. Some who were impatient would rip part of their ear off which would be bad because people would trust them because they didn't finish their sentence.

Once we were done with the tour we went to lunch. I ate haggis! This was so good. You might barf if you hear what is in it, but do a google search if you are interested. Basically it is weird and unused parts, but it tasted so damn good.

The strangest thing happened next. I bumped into my good friends from Australia Al and Brooke. They just had gotten off the bus and I randomly bumped into the on the street.

Next I went to Edinburgh castle. This castle was magnificent, looking over the entire city. The one disappointment was that they didn't preserve the original integrity. The thing was just one big huge museum.

Next I climbed a huge glen overlooking the whole city. I made a good sandwich and enjoyed the view until sunset. How romantic... :-) The wind was getting cold so I left.

Later in the evening I went on another walking tour. I wanted to go to this because you got to see the underground city. It was disappointing though because I knew half of the stuff she said. Oh well... Edinburgh was fun!

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