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Memory: Greatest Island in The World
Fall of 2004
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United Kingdom
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EuroTrip 2004
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Worlds greatest Island

2004-09-21 | Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

Last night I was reluctant of paying 18 pounds (36 bucks) for a day tour of Skye (because of the weather). This would of been a huge mistake if I would not have paid.

Our bus driver (Lou) was the best bus driver ever! So freaking hilarious. Our first stop was these hairy coos Scotland is so famous for. They smelled very grotesque but the view was magnificent. Then the most amazing thing happened. I could see a rain front come down a glen and then a full rainbow burst itself the width of the front. It was coming straight for us across the glen, then a second came on top of it. Once it hit us it was pure hail! It stopped a minute later and was the ABSOLUTE most beautiful thing I have ever seen (except Susan). All of what I saw today almost cant be described in words it was so beautiful. It was like in a movie and all of the scenery was from a fantasy world. Surely this is the most lush and fertile island on the whole planet. Sheep everywhere. Glens and lochs that make lake Michigan look like a pissy swamp. And who could forget the Atlantic washing up on this place.

We next went to the capitol of Skye, Portree. This town had a magnificent view and I went to the market for some food. I also bought a Scotland bottle opener as a souvenir. This tool was added to my little keychain toolkit which includes a light, compass, a new bottle opener, can opener and my leatherman. I use this tool frequently.

We next went to this beautiful waterfall which people used to swim naked in in order to gain eternal youth. This is because the island is a fiery island and it is very magical. I dipped my face in it like the bus driver said. Before that the weather started to get bad so we all held hands (I know it sounds gay but this is a fiery island) and we did a fiery dance while we sang to them. They really liked this and immediately the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Did I mention the scenery here blows me away.

After that (I cant wait for you to see the photos) we went to another waterfall with a ravine into the Atlantic. This was cool. On the way to that, me and my friend Alistair were encouraged by the bus driver to moon the Haggis tour group bus (competition). This was so funny and I saw the faces of the people on the bus.... it was excellent.

The highlight of the day had to be climbing the Quirang. This was absolutely the most beautiful view I have ever see in my life. You guys have to see the video. I mean, these mountains have been here for 150 million years. We took group photos and even showed our arses with the bus drivers ass too!

We next went to this castle that was given to the MacGregor clan from the king because they won a race (which I later found out wasn't true). In the race (so the tale goes) the king said "the first hand to touch the sand wins". The clans were rowing and rowing and MacGragor thought about what the king had said. So he cut off his hand and threw it ashore. We saw this castle that was supposedly given to him and also the dungeon which he later put his cousin in and starved him to death for trying to kill him (true).

Next we went to the pub and I tough an Ozzy "WAR" with cards.

Finally we went to the fiery castle which was surrounded by the most magical land on the island. There were these great candy corn shaped glens with naturally circular grass. I also got some amazing photos here as well (of course). After that it was 8 PM and we had traveled this mysterious land for over 10 hours! We drifted home with a beautiful sunset to our backs. This day couldn't of turned out any better.


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