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Memory: Romping Around The Highlands
Fall of 2004
The Highlands
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United Kingdom
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EuroTrip 2004
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Romping Around in the Highlands

2004-09-18 | Inverness, United Kingdom

Today was the most amazing day of my entire trip thus far.

Last night when I arrived in Edinburgh, I got grabbed some fish and chips, talked to Dan and Mom back at home, settled in and then booked the macbackpackers tour right in the nick of time.

We left this morning and I was pretty tired, but Bill (the coolest guide ever) was really enthusiastic and fun.

We went from Edinburgh to our first destination in Potlochry, but before that we saw an amazing abbey along with this beautiful river. We saw the Edradour distillery which is the smallest and most primitive scotch distillery. We took a tour which would make Kirt proud.

But while driving through the highlands we stopped to drink scotch while entering into the borders from lower Scotland to the highlands. Standing here drinking a single malt listening to Scotlands national anthem and enjoying the view I realized how much I love hearing about the differences in our cultures. I have heard Americas story all too often and I learned so much more about Scotland's history today. It is not just William Wallace. It was almost life changing in itself.

We also stopped by a beautiful river where he told a story of Highland Warriors defeating the British naked in this ravine. We even saw a famous battlefield where the Scotsmen suffered a severe blow.

Now the funniest part of my day was when we got to the Loch Ness. When we were approaching he was telling the well known prophecy. Then he talked about how he wants everyone to swim with the Loch Ness. He really tried hard telling jokes about how when we tell our grandchildren about this day. Well when we got there it was absolutely freezing and two people ran in. I was reluctant, but then this guy from Spain wanted to, so I went with him. We got some great pictures of us in the Loch Ness and the sun setting.

That was definitely very funny and only 4 people did it out of the 22 that were with us.

Today I met a ton of new friends and I got to know them well.

We are in Inverness right now and I had a great Scottish dinner and afterward we went to another pub and drank local beers talking to local people while listening to Bagpipes and historical tunes. This place is amazing. Tomorrow we leave for the isle of Skye which is supposed to be like a heaven compared to the highlands. Love you all. Thanks for the emails.

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