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Memory: I'm gonna be on Star Search!
Summer of 1991
Jane Adams Jr. High
City and Locale:
Royal Oak Michigan
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Lies/Fibs You Said or Heard
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I was a big nerd in junior high school, and I desperately wanted to "fit in".

In an attempt to make friends with the cool kids, I decided to tell everyone that I was going to be on Star Search.

It worked for a while...  But the lie started to spread like wild fire.  Even the principal knew about "Star Search".  One day he saw me in the hallway and congratulated me for getting on the show.  I knew that I would, eventually, be found out.

One day, one of my "new" friends came to the house.  She was talking to my brother.  She said, "Aren't you proud of your sister for making it on Star Search?"  My brother was confused... He said, "What are you talking about?  Beth's not going to be on Star Search."

I pleaded with her.  "Please don't tell anyone."  She promised that she wouldn't say anything, but I have a feeling she told some people.

Then a while
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Grand Blanc, MI


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