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Memory: Sneaking Out of the House
Fall of 1994
Hendricks House
City and Locale:
Waterford Michigan
Memory Category:
A Crazy Night
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One night while my grandma was in town, my brother and I decide to sneak out and hang out with our gangsta friends all night. This night was a school night and we snuck out while both my grandma and mom were watching TV downstairs. The way in which we snuck out was by jumping out of the two story window at my house. I vividly remember seeing my grandma there and cracking up or something.

We stayed out until pretty late that night, maybe liuke 3AM.

I cant recall all of the details, we would mostly just shoot the shit and hang out on the streets. ( Dan give your memory of this to tell me what we did that night)

I dont think this was the night that we ran from the cops, or the night that we stole a dead car battery, or the night that we shattered our own basketball hoop, or the night that we threw mail all over the street, or the night we screwed up this contruction site.

But this could have been the night that my brother and I got back in the hosue by going through the basement window (tell me if my version of the story is incorrect).

As we went through the basement window, Dan insisted that we get in our underwear. Which was ingenious because my Dad ended up going downstairs because he heard a noise. My brother comes up and then goes to the fridge and gets a glass of juice or wahtever.

Well we were homefree and I am sure were super tired the next day.

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Waterford, MI


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