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Memory: Honeymoon Day Four: Rio De Janiero
Exactly On:
February 11th 2008
City and Locale:
Rio De Janiero Brazil
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Travel Story
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We miserably woke up at 7:30 ish and it was dark and we didn't want to meet up for our early excursion to the Sugar loaf Mountain. The ship had you meet in the large Theater to get your assigned cattle bus number for your stereotypical expensive drive through town to get your candid smiley photo in front of the sights.. smell any pessimism and sarcasm here?

I know it is a safe excursion for sure. But I had my doubts you get what you pay for with some of these. Most of the people paid for the "Best of Rio", that hit up the Corcovado (Christ The Redeemer Statue), The Sugar Loaf View as well as got a Brazillian lunch and tour of the Cathedral.

Susan and our tour group first got to the Cathedral fully modern and made of concrete and it was so huge and apparently it holds like 5000 people or more. It was pyramid shaped and had the most beautiful stained glass and a huge cross at the top. I took some pictures and videos of this and took a picture of our new friends from New Zealand, Allan and Pauline, Kiwi's rock.

Allan loved my goofy sense of humor and we were cracking up about something about the Sugar loaf cooking tourists in the oven heat or something like that.

I loved his immature humor like me.

We arrived at the first Mountain riding up the cable car and things just seemed rushed a bit.

And on the real mountain, she gave the group 20 minutes of picture taking and 'relaxing'. I told her that Susan and I are possibly leaving to do our own thing, because we had all day in this city and we certainly did not want to pay tons of cash to get back to the main area of the city if we got driven back to the port.

We met a couple who just approached us and asked if we were from America and chatted with us about things to do and what beaches to hit up.

They were so nice and amazing people and gave us full confidence in going out on our own into the city.

They also mentioned about the wild monkeys who climb around the forest in the South end of the Sugar loaf. We ventured over there and I even captured some really neat videos of the animals. (Will upload later)

We eventually got back down after our ice cream and water break and even had a little scare with possibly losing our tickets to get back down the cable car. Luckily Susan had her ticket in her purse and we eventually just grabbed a taxi and told him to take us to Ipenama beach.

He and Susan began to speak a little in Spanish even though he fluently spoke Portuguese and he convinced us that he would take us to Corcovado for essentially for free. But we must have interpreted it wrong. I think the free part was the part to take us back to the Ipenama beach. Oh well. He was fantastic and he took us through some poorer villages going up the mountain that only taxis could drive through because of the steep drive. I video taped the whole drive. It was crazy.

He then stopped and took photos of us on a helipad near Christ the Redeemer. It was fun and I was excited as we got closer and excited that he was possibly just taking us up there for fun and for free.

We got to the top and he gave us 35 minutes to go see him and we waited in line for a free elevator to the top.

It was the most fantastic view up there and I mostly used the 35mm camera wide angle to get Susan praying in front of Jesus as well as other shots I tried to get her head in and my head in.

I even tried to stand up on a safe ledge, but a man whistled at me to get down. Oh well..

This was even more impressive and exciting than even Sugar loaf but each had their own indescribable view.

A guide told some other tourists that the sky from today she has only seen 5 to 10 times with views this clear. So I feel blessed to get such views of Rio De Janiero.

Susan and I got dropped off and paid the 150 bucks to the cabbie and he explained he would take us back to the ship pier for another 100. Which was pretty accurate for the real cost of a taxi, taxi's are just outrageous in Brazil, but I will only ever be in Rio Once.

The Ipenama beach was probably the coolest beach I have and will ever go to. It was clean relatively safe and lots of great people watching and people playing sports and getting tans.

Susan and I got some amazing pictures of us on the beach with the mountain in the background. Very famous and recognizable view you may notice from this beach.

We stayed away from the Copacabana from various pieces of advice from people and we even went into the shopping district before the beach to pick up some cash for the cabbie home as well as getting lunch from a local sandwich shop and finding the bathrooms.

No one on the ship from what I heard really got to relax at the beach like we did. We bought a beach towel from a panhandler and both got to swim in the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.. very exotic stuff and we really spent a lot of money to do all this stuff. But we figured that many parts of the rest of the cruise would not include Ocean side beach stuff and these were the things we wanted to do.

On the way out of the beach, Susan picked up a raw coconut of which we had two straws to drink out of the fresh coconut juice. A must-do local thing.

And we eventually made it back to the ship in one piece and with 20 Brazillian left. It was quite adventurous, but we could not just stay in the ship the whole day while there were so many things to see and do while in Rio. If the
"Best of Rio" had not been booked, we wouldn't have had the desire to do so much. But again, things usually work out for Susan and I because we work great together as a team making decisions.

We ended the day telling our friends at the dinner table about our adventures ditching the tour group and slept in until 10:30 the next day.


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