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Memory: Newly weds
Summer of 1998
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sweet mom100

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Jeff and I had just gotten married and it was the first morning home from our honeymoon. We had just moved  into our first  little apartment with a tiny kitchen and I decided I wanted to make breakfast for Jeff. I tried to cook eggs but since I had no experience with cooking they all got stuck to the pan. Jeff came in and laughed and asked if I put butter or oil in the pan to keep the eggs from sticking. "What?! You have to put butter on the pan?" I asked Jeff. He couldn't believe I didn't know that. Seriously, I had never cooked eggs, or much of anything in my life up to that point. Hey, people aren't born knowing how to cook eggs! I had one of those wonderful sets of parents that did EVERYTHING for me. Well, Jeff showed me the correct proceedure to use butter and THEN cook the eggs.
The next morning Jeff about died when he walked into the kitchen and I was trying to cook bacon in butter! Who knew bacon created its own non-stick properties, hehe!
I felt like and idiot that I couldn't cook worth a darn and and began to cry! Jeff hugged me and told me everything would be ok.
Since then, Jeff's mom and my mom mobilized and got me (much needed) cook books. Everytime I went to my Mother-in-laws home she would demonstrate cooking lessons for me. Now I can proudly say "I cook!" At the moment the expertise I am working on is homemade pies, yum!


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"Gaining More Experience"

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