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Memory: Hanging at the Bachelor Pad
Dads Apartment
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Farmington Hills Michigan
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Childhood Memory
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When my parents divorced, Dan and I used to go to my dad's apartment. At times, my dad had a room mate, Scott Mitchell and he was a lot of fun. Dan and I got a long with him really well. And he had really long hair and a beard as well. Here are some random things I remember form staying over there every other weekend for about a year or so:
  • We used to play Dragon Warrior 5 with my Dad and would play the poker mini game to try to get some kind of sword. (We didnt care about the game at all, we just really liked playing poker)
  • There was the ghetto couch that Scott slept on.
  • We used to do dishes a lot. My Dad always made us put the dishes away as well as clean the dishes after he provided us with food for dinner.
  • One time, we went to the pool and had a lot of fun in an indoor heated pool. Something funny happened here, but I dont recall.
  • Dan and I used to go rollerblading in the apartment complex and go for walks and one time we caught our parents making out with each other. (They got back together weeks later.)
  • In the winter, we saw people cross country skiing across his back yard.
  • My dad even tanned with this tanning light to impress any potential chicks he could date.
  • We always used to have a lot of fun playing fooseball there.
  • Scott came up with the name, "Giz" no for my dads cat who he took from our house after he left because Gizmowas neutered.
  • Gizmo loved that place.
Even though it was confusing times on us two, Dad and us had a lot of fun goofing off and learning a lot from my dad. Dad or Dan please feel free to post your version of the story. Love, Dave

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